Lady Muse

Whether remembered by a fictional character or engraved in history books, fashion for these ladies spoke volumes when all eyes were on them. Take note, get inspired or spice your look up with modern interpretations available in the store. 

Jackie O.

Celebrated for her brave spirit and outspoken personality, Jacqueline Lee Kennedy Onassis is an iconic image for women striving for power in balance with femininity. Pieces from Valentino, Gucci and Cartier jewellery were all her favourites. If you are not ready to give up your monthly rent yet: just keep your back straight, head high and your lipstick bright. Don't forget the pearls!


If you have not seen the viral "Mom, I'm a rich man" excerpt from the TV interview with Cher in 1996, you need to do so immediately simultaneously making a download of hers It's a Man's World music album. Or any of her 25 studio albums for the matter. To channel inner Cher opt for sequins, gym and For What It's Worth in your headphones.       

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Whether kicking ass in Buffy or being a seductive power force in Cruel Intentions, if you grew up in the 90s, chances are at some point you did want to go all Sarah-Michelle-Gellar head to toe (preferably in black). Dreams do come true, and now as a responsible adult you can do just that. To slay real life enemies like stress and anxiety, take up a martial arts infused fitness class and give crystals a go (*start with black tourmaline for protection).  

Bianca Jagger

Eponymous with the Studio 54 and 70's iconic imagery on your Pinterest feed, this woman has found a magic equilibrium between a men's tuxedo and a grand evening gown, merging both as her signature look. Staying up late is not necessary in order to project a bohemian living Jagger's style: invest in good looking faux fur coat, costume jewellery and make friends with people that know how to take a good shot (tequila or polaroid).  

written by Masha Nova