Fashion Week SS19 Details

From gentle comebacks of corsets (see Unravel) to continuous Matrix infused glasses (like the ones seen in Guy Laroche’s runway show) plenty of details sparked imaginations and Tumblr feeds (feathered bags, fringe and turbans among our ultimate favourites) during spring summer 2019 fashion shows. Scroll down to see more and get inspired!


Drama escalated from one fashion capital to another, but the gossip highlight was the Marc Jacob’s show that famously started over an hour late. The giant silk roses (also seen on Gigi Hadid in this Vogue dreamy video), crystal chokers and voluptuous sleeves even tardy were dreamy enough. The designer cited Genieve Figgis’ paintings as one of the influences - distorted images of Baroque women portrayed in a slight sarcasm within society and privilege.

Saint Laurent made the-social-media-frenzy glue themselves to the I-phone screens and truly enjoy the show. Slight rock’n’roll attempt at rebelliousness, barely there models stomping on water and the backdrop of Eiffel tower must have done it.

*the most dramatic choice at the Portarte store: Pearl Reign Choker

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Marc Jacobs

Saint Laurent

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Ralph Lauren managed to gather the most prolific front row imaginable, starring Oprah Winfrey, Robert De Niro and Kanye West; iconic designers in the likes of Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan and Tory Burch; not to mention Hillary Clinton among many others. The 50th anniversary of the abundant brand celebrated family values and obvious heritage (history of aspiration famously mentioned by Oprah Winfrey in her toast later that night). Iconic details were thoughtfully styled but without much scrupulousness - the patchwork, the tweeds, the Jewel-encrusted details all played out as one, in relevance to the past and now.

Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen sought her inspiration in Britain, a rural journey through pagan Avalon (real or fake, there is an attraction close to Glastonbury). Warrior women adorned with amulets and actually wearable clothing - a contemporary ode to feminism.

*the most eclectic choice at the Portarte store: Dust Funk Choker

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Ralph Lauren

Alexander McQueen

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Deemed ‘lovely’ by Vogue, in the most flattering sense, Hanako Maeda at Adeam did manage to put together a settled but in no way ordinary woman that can go by her things looking truly chic. Strings of pearls and corsets were quietly complimentary, while open shoulders just gave an extra Umph.

Romance escalated at Ingie Paris, where another female designer Ingie Chalhoub put organza and Swarovski crystals back on the runway in a presentable manner. With the backdrop of other designers desperately trying to reinvent themselves, ‘the woman’, the clothes and the brands, the pink hues, bows and enhancing silhouettes at Ingie Paris suddenly did not seem outdated.

*the most romantic choice at the Portarte store: The Fila Choker

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Ingie Paris

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