© Masha Mitrofanova 2017
  • Vagina, Naomi Wolf

Take this one for a walk. Notice how many men whisper, giggle with embarrassment, shy away or have a look of bewilderment as if their girlfriends do not have one. Or maybe it is just that their mothers pushed them out the other way. 

Start in the middle. "The Vagina Began as Sacred", chapter 7. Make a visit to an archaeological museum. Look for signs. Start believing in prehistoric state of matriarchy. 

  • Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay

Buy three copies. Give two away. Fold the corners of pages with excerpts worthy of discussion with men. Share the best ones on Twitter. Naively believe that this deed will shift the society for the better. 

Read it again. Do something that will shift the society for the better.

  • Love Your Lady Landscape, Lisa Lister

Befriend Lisa Lister on Instagram. Wonder why you have bought the book if everything is available online. Well, almost everything.

Salute the candid chronicles of her cycle. Make a note on periods for yourself. 

  • Not That Kind Of Girl, Lena Dunham

Read it in one sitting. Receive it as a sign slash magic butt kick from Lena herself. Realize that failing at adulthood and then gradually succeeding is a natural process. Conquer the world on your own terms.  

written by Masha Nova